HH Park Brahman Stud was established by Don and Julie Hurrell in 1988 in North Queensland. In 2005 they moved to Glastonbury, near Gympie.

HH Park Brahman Stud’s vision has been to produce functional, early maturing cattle with an emphasis on structure, fertility, temperament and ability to do well in harsh conditions.

In 2012 Don and Julie decided to expand their horizons and purchase known top genetics balanced with outstanding type and temperament. Whilst they have always used exceptional bulls from USA and Australia and believe they have outstanding females they decided to enhance their base of heifers and purchase an outstanding bull and engage in a more professional approach to IVF, Embryo transfers and AI. The highlights of this were the following purchases:

  • The 2013 purchase of El Toro Manso 541/1.
  • A number of elite Kenrol heifers.
  • FBC Miss Maddy Manso 272/1 a beautiful FBC D Mr Arnie Manso heifer
  • FBC Lady Lilly Manso 523 out of a magnificent cow by FBC Charles De Manso. An exceptional heifer.
  • Three heifers from Glengarry 2013 show team. A beautiful  selection of heifers who are  extremely fertile
  • They all run a large number of pure Hudgins cows which they also use.

Don and Julie have found that using outside IVF and Embryo agents has been successful but costly; they then decided to purchase the next door property when it became available which allows them to facilitate the various programs on their property.

Visitors to the property are always welcome.