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FBC Lady Lilly Manso 523/1 (H)

Purchased in 2013, this beautiful heifer has been a valuable addition to our breeding program. Her depth, temperament and impeccable bloodlines are outstanding. By FBC D Charles De manso out of FBC Lady Lilly Manso 841 D (AI) (ET) (H). This magnificent heifer was purchased from FBC in 2013. Some astute Brahman breeders have stated that she is the best Brahman heifer they have ever seen. Her pedigree is second to none. A beautiful heifer with excellent temperament.

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FBC Miss Maddy Manso FBC272/1F(REG)

A beautiful FBC Arnie Heifer that has been used in IVF and embryo programs with JDH Peter Pan and JDH Sir Harper. A bull calf by FBC Eton Manso will be sold at Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale 2014

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Glengarry Alise 2233 (H) Y7X2233F(REG)

Purchased from Glengarry in 2013, this heifer is an absolute beef machine. She is correct in every way and was one of three show heifers HH Park Brahmans were fortunate to acquire. She has proven to be extremely fertile in our IVF program, consistently producing a large number of embryos with FBC El Toro Manso, JDH Sir Harper and FBC D Arnie Manso.

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Glengarry Fantasy 2300 (H) Y7X2300F(REG)

An absolute stunner! HH Park is fortunate to acquire this beautiful heifer from Glengarry. The number of show champions in her pedigree is outstanding. She is very young but has proven very fertile producing a large number of embryos in IVF programs. She is a gem.

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Glengarry Mika 2237 (H) Y7X2237F(REG)

This Glengarry show heifer will mature into a very large correct female and has been used successfully in IVF.

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JA374 Hamdenvale Miss Crata 374 (AI) (H) DJD374/8F(REG)

A JDH Karu x JDH Riddell cow, she has produced some outstanding progeny for HH Park. An outstanding bull out of this cow by JDH Wellington Manso will be sold at Rockhampton Brahman Week 2014. She is extremely fertile and has been used in embryo and IVF programmes.

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