New Arrival – It’s a Boy!

First calf of FBC El Toro Manso 541/1.

It has been with much anticipation that we have welcomed the first calves FBC El Toro Manso 541/1.

The first calf was born on 30th excitement was short lived, however, when we discovered that Lady Jane had calved under a fallen tree, had become tangled while calving and was dead when we found her. We are very fortunate to have some very generous and obliging dairy farmers in Gympie, who gave us some colostrum for him. It also enabled us to source a foster mother for him, who after a bit of coaxing, has adopted baby Toro as her own. So, after a shaky start, baby Toro is doing well.

We now have several calves on the ground by El Toro which bear a striking resemblance to their sire: beautiful heads, confirmation and temperament.